The Silent Room – V0.1 / V0.2

The Silent Room is a public space where citizens are insulated from outside noise and other sensorial aggressions.

Many of us today live in urban environments where we are subject to a constant flux of information, both visual and sonic. Silence is increasingly a luxury for the most privileged – data mapping has shown that the poorest parts of the city are the worst affected by noise pollution. The Silent Room responds to this context: it provides a cocoon-like space, isolated from the city’s noise, for all citizens, regardless of background or level of privilege. It makes silence and rest available to everyone.

The Silent Room advocates silence as a form of resistance, an act of cleansing needed to reclaim ownership of our thoughts and ourselves.

The Silent Room V0.2

The Silent Room v.02 will represent Lebanon at the London design Biennale 2018, at the Somerset house starting September 4th.

The Silent Room V0.1

The Silent Room v.01 was installed the first time in Beirut in 2017 between two low income neighborhoods, a highway and industrial area. It remained for 14 days.

It relocated in 2018 in Jeanne d’Arc street in Hamra in 2018, in a wasteland where a building had been put down a few months  before.

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