Zoukak – directed by Junaid Sarieddine

Theatre Monnot – Beirut
Ibsen Conference – Skien


The play investigates questions of power, religion and politics, drawing a parallel with theatre and its hierarchy.
It is set in a stranded stage where a company finds itself in a form of exile, forced to perform a text dictated by the director.
This generated the idea of a scenography created with the available resources of the place and still in the making. Its aesthetic is arbitrary as it relies on an eclectic array of elements.  Some of them replace missing others (a lamp instead of a magic stick, a photo of Baalbeck instead of Athens, etc.) whilst the rest don’t match neither in terms of time, area nor style. A few structures are still being made and costumes are at a stage of muslin. Yet this results in new solid compositions, images, or dogmas.

Photo credit
Randa Mirza